The Golden Standard for Online Degree Programs

These days, it seems that an increasing number of colleges and universities are offering online courses and programs. Yet you shouldn’t go for just any degree program; you need to do your research and choose the school that meets your needs and expectations, as well as challenges you to your best self. Villanova University has been doing this for years, and now they want to help online students too.

Personalized Performance and Flexibility

With VU Online, more students can get attention and accessibility they crave. As a top-rated institute of higher education, Villanova University wanted to expand its reach and be more fluid among different demographics and geographic areas. That is where our virtual classes and degree programs come in. The online portal is a gateway to the Villanova educational experience, while also providing the professional insight and real-world application that makes our programs stand out from the rest. Through our Internet-based courses, more students are able to have the flexible class schedule they want while maintaining good standing with their current jobs and responsibilities. That is something we’re proud to offer!

Inclusive and Instructive Curriculum

In terms of VU Online’s curriculum, it has been expertly crafted to be applicable to the real world as well as flexible enough to be personalized while being completed in a timely manner. As a world-renown university, Villanova wanted to expand its courses to more deserving and promising students. Our online program provides a unique and streamlined take on the Master’s degree in Business Administration. As one of our most popular degree programs, we wanted to take it up a few notches and ensure that students were getting the most comprehensive and contemporary educational experience, while researching the history and advancements of the field. We also have a distinguished staff of professors who have profound experience and knowledge of the industry. They are amazing sources of insight and inspiration for our students.

Engaging and Efficient Interactions

Motivation to do great things abounds at Villanova University, whether students choose to enroll in our VU Online program or our more traditional courses. As a Business Administration major, our students are introduced to the latest and most effective business strategies, and they get to rub elbows with some of the leading experts in the field. Interactions and engagements with business partners, alumni, and fellow classmates help to round out a curriculum that was designed by experts. If you want to experience the technological prowess, educational prestige, and encouraging challenge of Villanova University, check out our online programs to get the degree you want on your terms!

Silent and Effective from Tesla Motors Production Numbers Are Anything But Grim, But They Are Worth Looking At

Tesla has a bit of a problem with their numbers, and that is not just in the stock price. They are hoping to produce 400,000 Model 3’s a year to match pre-order numbers already in place globally. But, is this number possible?

Tesla’s Freemont, California plant has made up to 500,000 vehicles in a year. The number may seem encouraging, but there is an obvious problem. The 500,000 number reached is for traditional combustion-engines, which have about a decade of production experience worked out for efficiency. It is also a number not met every year, but more of a “it is possible and has happened” type of production number.

This will force Tesla to emphasize production, and the problems continue. The production for the Model 3 has underperformed critically in 2015. Underperformance was also the result in 2016, which may have directly resulted in the share price drop after the quarterly announcement. The missed marks in production will mean major upfront losses to shareholders. Interestingly, the company did not lose any money directly. It is more about the perception, which is a far more temporary issue that is unlikely to snowball for Tesla.

Perhaps a bigger problem is the profit margins. Tesla is not being extremely transparent about the profitability of the Model 3. This shroud of mystery is concerning, but it does make sense. Tesla has proven it can sell a car (hundreds of thousands, in fact). Conceptually, silent and effective fromTesla motors is recalling the Amazon strategy. Can they promise clear profit margins? No, but they have the authority and track record to prove that their products sell. As long as this continues to be the case, profit will undoubtedly be produced.

It isn’t the clearest strategy. Tesla has proven they have the ability to make it happen. The company is undergoing a massive shift in resources and goals. This may be the opportune time for them to switch from a well-developed niche to an obvious mainstream presence in the Model 3. Investors are overwhelming unconcerned. They know that any major transition in a company is met with a change in stock ownership. It seems to be the inevitable result of shifted resources.